Monday, February 22, 2016

Welcome to my NEW Blog! :)

The American War of Independence is a conflict which has always fascinated me, even as a small lad. I can remember collecting and playing out battles on my floor, or bed with all the little guys I had collected. Great times. I remember also reading many books about the subject from the library at school - a few of those books some how managed to find a permanent home on my bookshelf! Oh the horror! It is enough to say that the early conflicts in American history hold a special place in my heart. Not just the conflicts, but all of the history in general. Maybe one reason for that was growing up during the "Spirit of '76" era - 1976 for those who have no clue what I mean. During that year all you ever saw on TV was the history of 1776, the American Revolution,! There were lots of activities at school talking about the period, lots of fairs and shows depicting colonial life, and more. I even remember wearing a tricorne hat I got from a local fair - and I adored it! Something about this whole affair left a great impression on me; an impression I have never forgotten.